The mamaroneck union free school district is in grave danger of having a class action lawsuit brought against it for the egregious pattern of unethical behavior on The part of school district administration and the board of education.

one investigation by the office of civil rights is currently underway and a second complaint is being reviewed by that same office. the district has been down this road before in the recent past. instead of learning from that lesson by firing the person responsible (where the district was found responsible), they promoted that person. we may not be so lucky with these next two investigations!

First, we are calling for the immediate and unconditional resignation of the following individuals:

  1. Dr. Robert Shaps, Superintendent

  2. Steve Warner, President - Board of Education

  3. Paul Bulova, Vice President - Board of Education

Second, we are demanding the following going forward:

  1. Hire Assistant Superintendent of Diversity & Inclusion

  2. Implement and maintain racial literacy curriculum and lessons for students

  3. Hire community-vetted racial literacy expert to train: district administrators, school teachers, school staff (on an ongoing basis, at least four times per year, two per semester)

  4. Provide parents and the community the opportunity to attend racial literacy and Dignity for All Students Act training (at least four times per year, two per semester)

  5. Revise (and create where absent) the district’s procedures and protocols for investigating and following up on Dignity for All Students Act complaints/reports made, to add specificity and timeliness of action and consistency across and between all the district’s schools/principals

  6. Substantially increase the diversity of the school board and all school staffing positions, especially at the teacher, school administrator and district administrator levels

  7. Create and facilitate affinity spaces/groups for students and staff in each school based on an extensive surveying of parents, the community and staff

  8. Accurately and truthfully account and report on a monthly basis (with transparency and accountability to parents and the community) the incidents of bullying and harassment that occur in the district’s schools

  9. The board will create and report on it’s progress toward achieving goals specifically related to diversity and inclusion based on the perceptions, surveying of all stakeholders and reported incidents involving racial bias

  10. The board will meet with the community (outside of other board business) regarding issues of diversity and inclusion (once per semester) and bullying/harassment (once per semester) where the community will provide commentary on (and the board will listen) the community’s perceptions of how well the district is addressing these matters