Update: Threat to "Shoot Up" Hommocks Middle School on Wednesday 6/12/19

Parent Discusses Threat to Shoot Students at Hommocks Middle School

Police Arrest Student Making Threat

Some time ago I predicted that something really horrible is going to happen here in Mamaroneck and only then will the community finally come together and remove this reckless administration and all the conspirators that continuously cover for and embolden them. This is yet another example of how this school district hides, obscures and even lies rather than simply doing what is right. This morning a parent notified others of a threat made to "shoot up" the middle school today - see screenshot below. No parents were notified of this threat by the school district (MUFSD). The proper thing to do here was to notify the community and disclose what is being done to investigate the issue and ensure the safety of all children. What do they do instead? They tell the community nothing and try to hide it. What exactly will it take for this community to stop lying to itself about who we have leading this district (administration and board) and the unethical behavior that permeates every level of the system? Please share widely! #DangerinMamk #OneMamaroneck

Dr. David Martin, Founder