Task Force Updates: March 2019

Task Force Updates

Anti-bullying Task Force

The Anti-bullying Task Force has reached out to several national anti-bullying experts and is in the process of scheduling these speakers for future events to inform and educate our community about bullying and its harmful and lasting effects on victims. We invite everyone to come out to our next townhall meeting in May where we will begin this conversation with a discussion, followed by the screening of the movie “Bully.”

Curriculum & Instruction Task Force

According to communication from the MUFSD, the district has identified racial literacy as a core area of development in the budget: “Continued professional development and curriculum resources to promote culturally responsive and sustaining education and the teaching of "Hard History", as well as partnerships with local, regional, and national organizations to do the important work of building racial literacy.”

To that end, the Curriculum and Instruction Task Force plans to review and provide feedback to the community about the district’s plans after those plans are made public. Aside from the specific expectations set forth on the OneMamaroneck website for this work, in the short term, the task force will be assessing the district’s plan for:

  1. Teacher training on how to teach and address racially sensitive subjects

  2. Student training on how to engage and communicate with diverse populations

  3. Evaluation of current curriculum

  4. Meeting with new Director of Student Life at Hommocks (which should really be a district-wide position if s/he will be responsible for implementing the new culturally responsive sustaining education framework)

Additionally, the task force is in the early stages of developing a Juneteenth program for the community that will celebrate and educate the community not only about the significance of the holiday but also about pre-slavery West African accomplishments.

School Board Election Task Force

In an effort to educate the community about the school board election process, The School Board Election Task Force opened a dialogue with the MUFSD Selection Committee Co-chairs, David Avraamides and Amanda Norman. On March 28, 2019, the committee co-chairs attended the OneMamaroneck townhall meeting to inform the community about their process for recruiting, interviewing and endorsing potential candidates. They also discussed the process that potential candidates may follow if they choose not not to be interviewed by the selection committee. Given feedback provided by the community at our townhall, the co-chairs have stated that they intend to revise their process prior to the 2020 school board elections. The Co-chairs have also invited the Task Force to participate in their planning meetings to begin in June 2019.

If you or someone you know is interested in running for the MUFSD school board, please click here to read more about the process. We are also inviting all persons who are running to speak briefly (3 minutes maximum) at our next townhall meeting to educate the community about how they plan to serve the community once elected. To participate, candidates must RSVP using the form below no later than April 18, 2019:

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Social Events Task Force

The Social Events Task Force is currently planning a community event to celebrate the diversity of Mamaroneck residents. Stay tuned for more information.